Another Fidget Toy -Bearing Hand Spinner


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Q1) What is the Fidget Spinner?
Pigtail Spinner is a small hand toy (hand toy) that can be easily carried around in a pocket or bag.
Manufactured in various sizes and designs, and made of plastic, metal, glass, wood, etc.,
Nowadays, I also use “3D printing technology” to make a Paint Spinner. Fidget toy is a martial toy that you can keep on playing with just holding it.
It’s like we turn a ballpoint pen or a pencil during class.

The day-to-day carry and carry around is not only fun,
It also helps to avoid unwanted habits such as the habit of biting the nails of children and adults and smoking.

It is famous abroad for ADHD (handicap for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or hand toy for distracting children.
It is said that it is used for treatment purpose in tic disorder, a social welfare center, nursing home, hospital.

“Now hold the hand spinner in your hand and turn it lightly!”
Overseas, many people have already successfully fixed bad habits using the hand Spinner.

Fidget Spinner helps relieve anxiety and relieve stress in the workplace.
It also has an effect on improving students’ concentration and attention.
It will be a great gift for elementary, middle, and high school students, especially high school students who are stressed to study, government officials and candidates preparing for the national examination.


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Especially when kids are on a smartphone like these days, why not give the best hand spinner instead of a smartphone?
The sensible mom and dad buy it, and the Paint Spinner will go to your office soon!

It also has the effect of increasing concentration when you are fishing, taking a walk, and when you are driving and you are thinking about something.